Why you should be spending time on business development – NOT marketing

Last year, I had an unfortunate run-in with the Judas of terrible clients. They sat at my table, broke my bread and told me how fan-bloody-tastic I was for them. In non-Bible speak, I mean they basically engaged me to help them brand and market their business, which is what (...)

Brand presentation template, do you need it?

What is a brand presentation template? I would like to introduce you to someone.  Her name is Jess. It’s 9:15 on a Tuesday morning and Jess has to present the monthly marketing report in 30 minutes.  She is hurriedly throwing information into a PowerPoint template she found by searching “report” (...)

What you’re looking for in a Brand Strategy Partner

WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A BRAND STRATEGY PARTNER: • Branding that not just looks good, but resonates with your market and moves them to action. • An integrated approach to branding that reaches all touchpoints. • A professional and strategic approach, not something that just “looks cool.” • A (...)

3 Ways branding benefits your business

Creating a strong brand identity is one of the most essential things you can do for your business. A brand identity that people will recognize, remember and like, will help your business make more sales. And if your business is operating in an industry that faces cut throat competition, then (...)

How to make your business stand out from the crowd

Hey there, If there’s one thing that can make your business stand out in a saturated market, it’s having a great USP… A USP is a “Unique Selling Proposition”. It’s the short statement that tells your prospects how your products are different and better than the competitors’ products. Basically, it’s (...)