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Having a website is now mandatory for any business if it does not wish to be perceived as a company that does not keep up with the times. So if you are planning to build one for your business soon and are looking for a web design company in Perth, you need to keep the following factors in mind:


> Hidden Fees: You should clearly ask the web design company to give an accurate bid for the project. Sometimes, the company may give you’re a quotation, but when the time comes for billing, they may charge you an additional amount for various services.

For example, suppose you want a website to be built and a company charges $5,000. When the time comes for billing, they may charge you $5800 by saying that they have added a contact page that is not covered in the usual $5,000 plan but one which you opted for. You may have opted for the contact page without realizing that you will be charged $800 for it additionally, but since you opted for it, you will be bound to make the payment too. So, it is very important to ask the web design company to give an exact quote for the project listing out all the features that will be provided at that cost.


> CMS: You should ask the company if a CMS (Content Management System) will be incorporated in the website. If not, then it may be better to shell out the extra money and add that feature so that you can edit and change the content of your website in the future by your own.

Without a CMS, you won’t be able to change the content of your website when you want, and this can be extremely troubling at times when you need an updated information on the website but cannot seem to be able to contact the web design company. So, add the CMS feature if you think the content on your website will need to be changed in the future.


> SEO Capabilities: SEO is a very important consideration you should take into account when looking for a web design company. Many companies will provide web design services but may not be able to provide SEO.

This is hugely disadvantageous since you will have to consult another firm for SEO. Plus, the company’s lack of an SEO specialist may result in a website that may not be optimized for the search engines. And without doing proper SEO, having a website will essentially become useless. So, ask the company whether they provide SEO services or not. And if they don’t, you should definitely look for another web design company that does offer SEO.


If you keep the above points in mind when looking for a web design company in Perth, you are more likely to find and associate with a company that can deliver you a website of the highest quality, a website that does the job that it is intended to do – attract web traffic.


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