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How to hire a website developer for your business

  By Brand Dominance

A disciplined and knowledgeable website developer is crucial to make sure that your website is created exactly the way you want with no coding errors and in compliance with the web standards.

When searching for a website developer in Perth, you may come across many possible candidates. To choose the right one for your business, keep the following points in mind:


> Portfolio: The prospective web developer should have a portfolio that reflects his skills accurately. For example, if you wish to develop a site exclusively in PHP, then the developer’s portfolios should show works in which extensive PHP was used. And if you wish to use javascript when building your website, the portfolio must have examples which shows his javascript abilities. In this way, you should first ensure that the developer has done something similar to yours, using technologies that will be used in your project.

It is wise to stay away from developers who do not have a portfolio. But if you think that a prospective developer who does not have a portfolio may have talents, then you can then make them do small projects to test their capabilities, and maybe then move on to your bigger projects. But generally, it is safer to stick to those who can show you their portfolio.


> Cost: Another major factor to take into account when hiring a web developer is obviously the cost. Web developers with the longest experience and a large portfolio will usually charge the higher since they usually offer the best service. In contrast, those with almost no experience and without any portfolio will give you a very cheap quote. You must seek to find a developer with sufficient experience who can handle your projects with ease, but at a cost that fits your budget.

You should not just go with the developer who bids the lowest since there is a good chance that they have a lack of experience and as such, may not code your website in an optimised manner. Plus, you may end up spending, even more, money to fix the problems arising from it. So, it is better to first select a good developer with experience and portfolio, and then filter the cost effective ones.


Testimonials: A good way to assess whether a developer can deliver your project at the quality you want and within the time you set is to check out their customer testimonials. How do the customers feel about the work done by the developer? Are they satisfied that the developer finished the project as per their specification? Did the developer finish the website on time or overcharge for any extended due date?


These questions definitely need to be answered. You can either check out the customer testimonials left by the customers on the developer’s website or on any other third party website.  Better still, if you know of any associate who has used the developer for their projects, you can talk to them directly.

If you wish to hire a developer, then you can check out the various website developers in Perth to identify the one suitable for you. It may take some time to zero in on a developer who meets your requirement, but it is advisable that you do a thorough search so that your website is built by the best.

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