brand presentation template


1. Viewers tend to engage more with images that are square or vertical rectangular.
Images must be all high quality too.
2. Make your bio short clear and to the point. This is the first thing that people see when visiting your page so it must sum up everything your about all in that short text. (Simply find a successful page in your niche and write something similar to their bio for yours)
3. Only use 3 – 5 hashtags max and make sure they 2 worded hashtags and specifically tailored to your company.
(This is because when you use lots of hashtags it looks desperate and tacky, and when you use 2 worded hashtags you will find the searches were made specifically for you which is more valued than someone just coming across it. Also it will ensure you are always the top ranking posts for that hashtag)
Image result for hashtags
4. Only use images the have a wide space taking up most of the image. (Meaning an open view behind) This makes your pictures look clear and uncluttered thus providing your viewers ease of resistance.
5. Post around the same times everyday.
(You are like a local newspaper to your viewers, once they build up expectations they do not want to be let down.)
6. Have a call to action in your caption to order your viewers to take action when coming across each post. E.g. like and comment below, tag a friend or double tap if you like etc.
7. Keep a general theme to your page. If it is colourful then remain colourful. If it is warm then stay warm. Whatever it is, just make sure you keep some uniformity to the layout.
8. Pick a sub niche within your niche that you will become the best at. By taking a piece of the pie and owning it you will ensure a great value delivery to your viewers.
9. Use analytics tools such as iconosquare to check best times to post based on your followers. Use snap seed to edit and social blade to monitor your new followers by the day.
Image result for social bladeImage result for iconosquare
10. Be AWESOME! because I know you are and I want to see others use my information to succeed and then build on. So just stay focused and remain consistent.

Hope you find this useful ENJOY!

Mel x
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