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Why create a unique custom logo for your business

  By Brand Dominance

When starting your own business, you need to create a unique logo that can act as an identifier of your business. Many people overlook the importance of a good logo and opt for generic ones that look similar to the many other company logos.

It would be better to consult a logo design company in Perth to come up with a unique logo for your business. And the reason to do this is because of the many benefits a well-designed logo brings to your business:


> Stand Out: Designing a unique attractive logo enables your brand to stand out from the rest of the competition. When a customer looks at the various products to buy in a marketplace, their eyes will be rapidly jumping from one product to another in a matter of microseconds. They will only pause and look at a product if their eyes perceive that something about a product differentiates it from the rest.

You can easily achieve this by designing a very attractive logo. A unique logo can easily make the product stand out from the rest of similar products. And this can mean a lot to your sales.


> Position Your Identity: Your logo can be used to position your brand to attract customers with specific preferences. For example, suppose you are into the hotel business which focuses on high end business customers, then a clean, classy logo that gives off a royal, luxurious vibe will be the most suitable for your business. And by seeing it, the prospective customer will also be quickly able to judge that the logo signifies a posh, high class hotel.

In contrast, if your hotel targets people who are on a vacation, then a brightly colored, funky logo will send the message to the prospective customer that your hotel is the best place to chill on vacation. Therefore, you must give special attention to creating a logo that reflects your product or service’s personality.


> Sell By Familiarity: A huge advantage of a well-designed logo is that people identify it easily once they see it, and this makes the entire sales process much easier.

For example, suppose you want to purchase a new smartphone, will you buy one with an Apple or Samsung logo, or will you choose to buy one with a logo that you are unable to identify? In most cases, people will buy products that have logos they already know of. And if they have already used a product released under that logo and liked it, then it is almost certain that they will choose the product with that specific logo.

This is why companies invest in creating a classic, impactful logo that people recognize – so that they can build trust, earn customer loyalty and sell more. The best example of such a strategy is the Apple brand. Their logo is well known to most people who have some knowledge of tech, and they have built a loyal fan following to such an extent that people wait for new products to release so that they can buy them. That is the power of a logo and solid brand identity.


If you have trouble coming up with a unique logo for your business, then it would be better for you to get in touch with a good logo design company in Perth. They can assess your business philosophy, practices and niche, and can easily create a custom logo for your company that attracts the right customers.

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