Meet Daniel. He lost $2,500 from his website.

  By Brand Dominance

This is pretty much what Daniel was screaming out when his website recently cost him over $2,500k in repair and damage costs.

Learn from his story and don’t be a “Daniel”.

Daniel has been a loyal client of mine for over a year.

He ran a successful online business, and a month ago his website was severely hacked to the point where the whole website was brought down. We had to repair his website taking over a week to restore. This resulted in a costly bill.

Daniel decided to blame us being the developers that is was our “fault”, however it was caused by a plugin that was severely hacked and resulted in thousands of websites being brought down.

Daniel did not realise that his maintenance package didn’t include “website malware”. The time instead was eaten up with updates to his web pages, despite numerous attempts alerting him to update his package to include protection.

Daniel doesn’t realise that over 300,0000 websites are hacked daily. According to Fortune, even large companies that are well-known believe they will be hacked severely.

So the lesson here… don’t be like Daniel and take proactive measures to secure your website.

I’ve had numerous clients like “Daniel” over the years and paid ridiculous money to get their hacked website back online. It is just putting a band-aid over an issue.

Digital Graphic Design now offers “website hardening protection” packages to secure your website. It is not enough to simpyl remove hacked files.

Only $397 once off. That’s it. No more to pay. Not $2500 like Daniel spent (*smacks head*).

What would you loose if your website went down due to an attack? Probably a a great deal.

Be proactive.

Get your website secure today…
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Much love and may the force be with you,

Melissa – Founder Brand Dominance