Glamour sisters

Glamour sisters is a leading hair extension business based in Sydney. They have been operating since 2001 and keep growing each year.

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Project Overview

A beautifully eCommerce website and platform required for a leading hair extension business in Sydney. The new Glamour sister’s website needed to prioritize ease of use for users, updating the website regular with their products, and enable content to be shown on all mobile and web platforms.

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The Challenge

Glamour sisters had an old website and needed a new in 2016 to start focusing on their online sales more. They had experienced some drama with other website developers and had numerous products to put on the website.

The Solution

The new site features a eCommerce function that is easy to use for both the user and admin, with advanced search capabilities and an integrated content management system. The website is secure and responsive across all platforms and devices.

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Mobile Responsive Design

All of our custom made websites are 100% mobile responsive, just like Glamour Sister’s new website. Their responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re seeing it on. We loved working on this website.

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