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Brand presentation template, do you need it?

  By Brand Dominance

What is a brand presentation template?

I would like to introduce you to someone.  Her name is Jess.

It’s 9:15 on a Tuesday morning and Jess has to present the monthly marketing report in 30 minutes.  She is hurriedly throwing information into a PowerPoint template she found by searching “report” in Microsoft’s inventory of generic templates.  She tells herself off for not starting her presentation earlier.

Every month she plans to be more organised, to spend more time thinking of amazing new presentation ideas, but every month there’s something else that demands her attention.

Jess quickly types her successes on the presentation’s offensively bland blue-gradient backdrop.  A 150% increase in unique site visits thanks to an aggressive Facebook campaign.  A 200% increase in calls from new customers who saw her ad in the local paper.

Her achievements stare back at her in unimpressive bullet points.  All of her work and time and energy reduced to boring lines on an ugly page.  She sighs, adds a sad exclamation point after each achievement, then heads off to her meeting.

What Jess needs is a professionally designed brand presentation template.  Something that looks incredible, and adaptable, that would save her time and effort, and make her achievements stand out.

If any part of Jess’ story sounds at all familiar, then a brand PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi template is exactly what you need as well.



It is estimated that more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day across the world.  For those of us in the corporate world, it feels like we’ve already had to sit through every single one.  But, PowerPoint don’t have to be drudgery, blandness, and bullet points.

A professionally designed brand presentation template for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi has a huge range of advantages.  Not only does an engaging template give people like Jess a boost for presentations that need a fast turnaround, it also saves other people in her meeting from suffering through another morning of long blinks and pretending to listen while they miss critical information.

Presentations are critical tools not just for internal meetings, but also for sales pitches, face-to-face meetings with clients, and when communicating with stakeholders.  A great company template incorporates all of the aspects of your brand, from colours and typography to personality.

Professionally designed templates ensure that every person in your company is presenting information in a consistent, engaging way.   That’s in line with your brand, whether that presentation is for an internal marketing report or a client-facing sales pitch.

Brand templates also streamline the process of creating a presentation.  While individual custom-designed presentations are still integral for a number of purposes;  customisable templates save time, effort, and money for those day-to-day presentations that are required to run a business.

If you’re ready to hire a presentation design company to create adaptable, high impact brand templates that save you time and money, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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