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When deciding on building a website for your company, one of the main decisions you must take is to decide whether you want the website to be responsive or not. More and more websites are being built responsively and I suggest to only lean towards a responsive website. I encourage you to find an agency who specialises in responsive web design, in PerthThere are many benefits of building a responsive website in 2017, these include:

  • Multi-device compatibility: A responsive website orients and arranges itself according to the type of device from which it is being used. As such, you only need to build one website and it will be properly presented in any device – whether it be a desktop, tablet or smartphone. This is an incredible timesaver and allows your business to reach more audiences. As over 80% of traffic are now found on tablet or smartphones. So if you quickly want your website to be built without having to worry about whether it will be displayed across all devices properly, then a responsive website is the way to move forward in this day and age.
  • Saves money: Since you only have to build one website for all devices, you will save lots of money in web development expenses. Without a responsive website, you will have had to build at least two different versions of the site – a desktop version and a mobile version. The extra work that goes into making the mobile version of the website will have cost you extra dollars and is not advised. Therefore, when you hire a designer to develop your website, instruct them clearly that you wish to create a responsive website so that you don’t waste your money building two websites when only one is sufficient.
  • Better user experience: Responsive websites also gives your user the best website and internet surfing experience. If you have a desktop and a mobile version of your website, then the user experience may not be that great. For example, if a user shares one of your posts from the mobile site, and another user visits the link from his desktop, chances are that the desktop user will see the mobile link and feel that your website looks cheap. Some people may also be uncomfortable surfing a mobile webpage on a desktop.
  • Better SEO ranking: A responsive website is also likely to rank higher in search rankings than a non-responsive website. It much better that you ask the web developer to make your website responsive. Even if the developer quotes a lower price for the non-responsive site, it is advisable that you spent the extra money and get your responsive website built. This will ensure that your website is accessed through multiple devices easily and will also increase the probability that your site is ranked higher by the search engines. After all, if your site does not get ranked on the first few pages of the search engines, the purpose of building a website itself may look like a waste. So ensure that you build a responsive website if you want more people to know about your business.

Do a diligent research on the companies which offer responsive web design in Perth and select the one that meets your budget.

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Melissa – Director