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SEO is DEAD… If you want dead fish

  By Brand Dominance

I’m so tired of hearing experts say that SEO is dead. Perhaps they are doing it to be provocative? Or rather to drive away consumers or businesses off SEO to focus more towards social media marketing?
Marketers are creating headlines like: “Why SEO is in a general sense DEAD.” (Yes, that was really a keynote title at a well-known mainstream event a year ago.) I’m becoming sick of people are drinking their own particular Kool-Aid and trusting this gibberish.

While SEO is NOT dead, the way that you’re doing it may be. Does this sound like your approach to SEO?  You’ve upgraded your H1s and meta labels and you’ve fabricated a couple (ideally white cap) strategies. Then you simply kick back and watch your site ascend to the highest point of Google and expect to rack in millions of dollars?

This kind of cookie cutter way to deal with SEO — for example likening SEO tactics to fine tuning a guitar or a clear cut recipe on how to make pumpkin pie — does not really works in today’s scene. 

SEO in the traditional way of how we did it before is dead. Beating the web search tools will NEVER again be achievable for most. However, SEO does exist and gets myself and many of my client’s great results, it’s just now in an advanced shape.

Fish where the big fish are

If you are sick and tired of attracting small clients, where are you advertising? On Facebook groups? On your personal page to all your friends?

Do you think a big multi-national client like BHP Billiton, NEC Australia, Optus, SBS, Telstra for example… would jump on their Facebook groups to search for services? Probably not. Put yourself in their shoes as a consumer. Look at their buying behaviour and imagine how you would search for a service provider if you had a big pocket full of cash. 

Whilst working in the corporate world, for large market research companies, my boss would ask me “go find a transcription company or a website developer”. I would then search on Google, find providers based on their websites, portfolio, testimonials and present the top 4 to my boss. Big companies have big pockets and just want the best. To me, being at the top of Google or on the first few pages to me shows me you are a market leader and have INVESTED in your own marketing. 

Social proofing 

The argument is that Facebook has the advantage of faces. Google lacks the incorporation of social proof.
I’ll challenge that and say that’s isn’t what your website is for? Your website is the face of your company, your billboard, your advertising machine. The business owners need to re-think the way they design their websites. Do they have a section for social proofing, world class headline statements, testimonials, lead captures, catchy content, video explainers. 

If want to find out what my aunty is doing on, I will jump on Facebook. 

If want to find out what my friend is eating for dinner, I will jump on Facebook. 

If I want a to look for an amazing marketing firm, website design company, pet washing service – and I mean the best. I wouldn’t search on social media. I would look on Google. Look at your own behavious and the beahviours of your market. That’s where you need to be marketing. 

Key takeaways

Winning at SEO today is not about figuring keywords to shove on your website push. When you have done the specialised requirements to make your site Google-friendly and optimised, you have to put on your marketing cap and understand WHERE YOUR MARKET IS and what fish you want to start frying! If you want some small fish, hope onto social media, if you want the dinosaurs who have big budgets and are looking for the best in their industries.. I’d stick with SEO. 

Just please, surrender the old school SEO “strategies” that used to work because don’t any longer.

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