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Brand Dominance are a team of professional branding designers.
We'll ensure your business branding helps you shine and sees you as a market leader!

We design iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands. We constantly strive to deliver not only world-class strategic design, but also world-class project management. Our studios in Perth and Sydney Australia work together through a unique collaborative process, during which strategy and design become clearer, simpler and richer in meaning.

Visual Identity Creators – Impressive Logos, Webpage Designs, Presentations

Brand Dominance wants to tell your brands story via beautifully crafted designs

Today’s successful brands are not the two dimensional facades they used to be, defined by marketing campaigns.

Modern brands are cultures rich and nuanced with clear beliefs and values, and they encourage their audiences to engage and even shape them. Their visual identities dont exist in brand guidelines; they exist in the physical stuff consumers see and touch in their everyday lives. So we focus on this from the start.

We begin projects by taking a cold, hard look at the reality of a brand’s “material culture” because an object tells you a lot about the people who made it. A brands material culture needs to accurately reflect the brand’s purpose and values. We design and orchestrate that material culture, ensuring that everything a brand makes tells the right story.

Why is Brand Dominance the preferred Branding design company in Perth and Sydney:

  • We offer tailored designs suited to your business
  • We deliver on your budget and on time
  • We listen to who you are and where you want to do
  • We focus on your business, target audience and core objectives
  • We have worked with large well known businesses such as NEC Australia,

Optus, and also small businesses such as the Telstra Business Award winners and nominees.

Our Work

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