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When hiring a web development company to build a website, you should also take into account an additional factor – do they offer other services that your business can benefit from and will need in the future? Four important services you need to check for when looking to hire a website development company in Perth include –

  • Content: Just having a website is not sufficient. Ensuring that it is constantly updated with articles that your target market will find useful is also important. Else, you will basically have a website that rarely anyone visits.
    Ask the company if they will update your website with fresh content on a regular basis. If yes, then check their existing content services to see whether the content they publish is of high quality and informative.  If they don’t have a content creation service or their content service is of low quality, then you should check out other web design companies.
  • SEO: Another huge factor to look for is if the company provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As far as possible, only hire web development companies that offer SEO services. This is for two reasons. One is that a company that does SEO will have a better idea how to create your website in a way that ranks it higher in search engines. The second reason is that even if you think you don’t need SEO service right away, you may need it a few months down the line. In such a situation, having the people who coded the website itself handle the SEO will be a plus.
  • Ecommerce: Internet shopping is rapidly growing. Neglecting it will only be disadvantageous for a business. If your company deals in consumer goods or anything similar, you may need to add an e-commerce facility later on. So, ask the web development company whether they do e-commerce websites or not. If they do it, then check how many e-commerce websites they have done and how efficiently such websites are performing. If they don’t do e-commerce websites, then look for a company that has experience in developing such websites.   
  • Digital Marketing: Marketing is the biggest factor that can make or break a business. Ideally, the company you contract for web development should also be able to provide you with digital marketing services. They must be well versed with various online marketing tactics in various areas like social media marketing, PPC, search engine marketing and more. You should check their existing work in this field and judge the results from the campaigns they have carried out. Having a company who have excellent experience in digital marketing handle your online presence right from your website will definitely benefit your business in the future. 

So, check for the above factors when looking to hire a website development company in Perth so that your business is in a position to quickly access them when the need arises. And remember to look at their portfolio and customer testimonials before hiring them so as to select the best service for building and maintaining your website.

If you are looking for a great local website development company in Perth, please contact us today and we can see how we can help!